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Picket fence and Garden Fencing: Useful sites.

Melbourne Automatic Gates Go to our new automatic gates site for more information.

Bluescope Steel cladding: Pressed metal fencing We don't as a rule install pressed metal fencing, apart from our Mini-orb feature fencing in a timber frame. If you are looking for pressed metal side fencing, then this product may suit you.

Bluescope Steel Colorbond colours for Mini-orb and corrugated iron. The colour chart for Bluescopes colorbond range.

Dulux powder coat color chart. Powder coat colours for woven wire and steel gates.

Read our article on fence design and construction, including layout, height, style, timber types and their use, painting, foundations, posts and framing, cladding, gate styles and construction, and the use of automatic gate systems.

Cyclone Wire short history. The business which made the original woven wire. All the old machines were thrown into the bay in the 1950s.

City of Bayside building & planning controls. Bayside's idea of spoiling your morning: The what, when, where and how to's of planning and building your fences.

Port Phillip Council Planning & Building controls. hey, they have to spend your rates on something!

Hobsons Bay Council Planning & Building. As I live in this counncil, I think everything they do is useful and wonderful.

Getting the details right and other great books on period housing are for sale on this site. Getting the Details is a book on Edwardian architecture, especially relating to gates, fencing and garden structures. This is one of my favorite books. Also on this site are great books such as The Federation House, The Queensland House, and more.

Specialized Stainless supply stainless steel railings and stair cases

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